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Small windshield cracks or chips may seem more cosmetic than cause for alarm, but even a small crack is an important safety concern. Before continuing to drive with a cracked windshield, consider this:

In a front-end collision, 45% of the structural integrity is provided by your windshield. If you experience a roll-over, up to 60% of the structural integrity is provided by your windshield. Supplemental restraint systems such as airbags may not deploy properly at all if a windshield is improperly installed. Your safety may be compromised without strict adherence to AGRSS guidelines. Furthermore, you are breaking the law driving with a broken windshield.

All glass is not created equal. Is your insurance company paying for the auto glass repair or auto glass replacement? That doesn’t mean they’re looking for important certifications such as AGRSS (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards). Your insurance company may only be looking to see if the glass company is licensed and not AGRSS certified. Remember, most people are unable to tell whether a windshield has been improperly installed until it is too late.

Choosing a certified professional for your auto glass repair or replacement is crucial for ensuring your safety on the road. At Star Glass, we prioritize using only AGRSS certified materials and techniques to guarantee your windshield is installed correctly. Our windshield glass experts can get you safe, street-legal, and ready to get back on the road.

Driving with a damaged windshield poses significant risks not only to you but also to other road users. Don’t wait until it’s too late—call our Phoenix auto glass repair company location today to make an appointment! Trust Star Glass to provide the highest standards of safety and quality for your auto glass needs.

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